Mar 4 2015

Wedding morning gifts for the groom…from the bride.

Meet you at the alter,

don’t be late!

Love Mrs Burns xx

26th July 2015

Yes, the wedding season for ’15 is arriving, spring is in the air and the windows here in our studio are wide open.

In recent weeks we have been engraving gifts dedicated to the groom on the morning of his wedding, of course these include cufflinks but especially our hip flasks, in particular the brides seem to choosing our ‘neat’ flasks, I’d say the is because the groom will not be temped to enjoy the morning too much but just enough for a bit of Dutch courage.

My favourite engraving this morning is

Meet you at the alter, don’t be late!

Feb 15 2013

Palladium Wedding celebrations

Celebrating our 15th year working as a design and personalisation company in true entrepreneurial form The Online Gifts Company are delighted to announce our new specialist business.

We make, personalise using hand engraving your wedding ring in the beautiful metal Palladium all of which can be ordered online at

We hope you enjoy it, live it and wear it just as much as we do.

Feb 15 2013

Step-by-step visual guide for 3D printing for everyone.

Further developing my passion for and introducing the process of 3D printing to the world (It is the next generation of consumer products) I thought this was a great way to illustrate the process for both the public and the engineers involved in using it – consider it a visual guide to 3d printing. Over the next few weeks I will introduce a very simple keyring made using 3D printing to the David-Louis collection, this item has now been tried and tested and is ready for delivery to market.

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product



Thanks to ArvidJense for the great work producing the flow chart!

Mar 30 2012

David-Louis Showcase

Here are some elements of the David-Louis Tableware range on show at the recent Made in the Jewellery Quarter exhibition in the Jewellery Quarter. I will be uploading more pictures of the launch event on the Made in the Jewellery Quarter web site over the coming days. Check them out.

David-Louis Tableware & Gifts.

Nov 28 2011 app for android

This week I have been experimenting with developing apps for our businesses, here is our first android app for the David-Louis Designer Gents Gifts website, I hope you enjoy it.

Check out David-Louis Cool Giftware on the Android Market!