David-Louis Flaskstore Chivas Regal Hip Flask

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Update – here is the image of the flask as take at the event.

I have completed a bespoke corporate hip flask commission for fashion designer Todd Lynn to produce his bespoke, limited edition hip flask on behalf of and to promote  Chivas Regal and the Chivas Studio, this fine whiskey has been relaunched world wide over the last few months and the three day event in London was what I consider to be totally fabulous, I will upload some images of the event and the hip flask itself over the next week or so. Alexander McQueen also designed an exclusive bottle top for the Chivas Regal bottle which were a limited edition and handmade. I was delighted to see the Hip Flask being exhibited along side the bottle in very contemporary style and being viewed as works of art as opposed to total consumer products. Of course I need to thank Todd and all his team for entertaining me at the do and hope we can do it again. I also would say the cocktails we had using the Chivas Regal were delicious.. more please :-)

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