David-Louis Chop Sticks in sterling silver.

Currently at David-Louis and our sister business Gifts of Distinction we are experiencing a surge in interest in our sterling silver products.

In particular are our sterling silver chop sticks, a product I have loved making and am delighted to see it is now in ascension.

Based on this surge of interest in sterling silver we are in the process of building on our sterling silver product range. Watch this space for each product launch over the coming weeks.

Each solid silver chop sticks is hallmarked with our Gifts of Distinction hallmark as is our exclusive chop stick holder that comes with each pair. I thought it worth emphasising that the chop sticks are 100 percent sterling silver, they are delicate and light enough to eat any meal with yet are 100% silver.

You can view and order our sterling silver chop sticks on our David-Louis site.

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