Jul 27 2008

David-Louis launch of TV Channel

Today I am working on the final tweaks of introducing video to my online side of the product design business David-Louis.com and am delighted to say with the support of my web designers at e-levation.net I have been able to go from concept to launch in a just three weeks. I don’t think in this post I will go in to the why’s and wherefores of the decision to launch a .TV site as opposed to using You Tube or embedded video on the site but just to say we looked at it from as many perspectives and went with www.david-louis.tv

At the moment there is an interview by Annette Naudin of the MA Media Enterprise with me which takes place in our shop in The Jewellery Quarter(I will have some photos of the shop very soon)  - I want to thank Annette and all at the Screen Media Lab for there help and interest in making this video.

Also, just to say I have conceptualised and commissioned the production of an animation featuring the David-Louis Fridge Magnet Bottle Opener which is due for launch in approx. 3 weeks. I can’t wait to launch the video on our .TV site and will keep y’all up to date on it.