Mar 26 2012

Clink, clink fizzzz – your beer is open…

…compliments of our new brand….

Bottle Opener Store

The Truth is out…here..

Yes – we love cool stuff, yes we love a few beers, yes we love great product design and as every designer knows you have to cut your design teeth by making a few bottle openers… this is defacto – factomundo…. and most definitlely true etc and we can prove it with this vast collection of cool, stylish, sleek, multi functional bottle openers.

Choice bottle openers.

We have hand picked some of our own in house bottle opener designs in plus we have introduced to date thirty more bottle openers on top of our own bottle openers and we are definitely on the hunt for more – loads more in fact. Here is a brief selection of some of the great design led bottle openers we provide -

1: The cool key tool bottle opener

The ultimate in design the Key Tool Bottle Opener

The KeyTool bottle opener from

2) Beer Kit Bottle Opener by Jakob Wagner

The Beer Kit Bottle Opener from







3) Peter Holmbland Cylinda Bottle Opener

Cylinda Bottle Opener

Cylinda Bottle Opener from








So get on down (over!!) to bottle opener store and check out the goods – ‘Your bottle cap will come off’ (Jumps in pool)….




Morrie\’s wigs… the opposite to beer bottle caps..

Jul 6 2010

Want a reward? Check out the new Bespoke Prestige Award!

Bespoke Award

Over at Gifts of Distinction we are so proud to present this we might have to get one for ourselves. As seen in the Birmingham Post Newspaper, introducing our finest award design yet, The Bespoke Prestige Award, made from solid aluminium and featuring custom detailed screen printing.

The Aluminum Award effortlessly exudes achievement and reward and is sure to make any recipient know they are recognised and respected by their peers. Simply put, this solid aluminium trophy will feel like just reward for a job well done.

Jul 8 2008

David-Louis Design Entrepreneur – Hello world.

Hello world – welcome to the first blog of and Gifts of Distinction or rather my very first blog. I suppose I should start by introducing myself and letting you know what this blog will be all about.

My name is David-Louis and I am a design entrepreneur - I love product design and the history, heritage and values great design represents, I believe the evolution of man and his imagination can be seen by the design of everyday objects in his habitat and environment.

It is my vision that this blog will be a useful, fun and interesting resource for readers and give an insight into creative entrepreneurial activity I will put at least one link in each post to websites that are interesting, useful and innovative to clients, creatives, entrepreneurs, and people interested in interesting things.

I am a self-employed product designer and thrive on meeting new people and linking people together, giving designers and designer makers, creatives and entrepreneurs a leg up and some direction if they need it.

 I hope through this blog to give examples of the commercial work I am involved in, both practical product design, entrepreneurial activities and consultancy work i.e. mentoring creative enterprises / new product development (see our newest product here) etc and also socially through talking about networking events in the past, present and future.

As I mentioned, I also commit myself to including at least one innovative external link to an innovative business idea per blog.

Here is my cool external link for this post

I won’t describe my links too much as I would like you, the reader, to be a bit curious as to your destination but the reason I mention ‘My Farm’ is that it is a simple business idea and highly transferable to any place in the world and just struck a cord with me as I now have my own vegetable patch here in Birmingham.

So there you go – my intentions laid down on my first blog – keep an eye on me though as I am inclined to get… distracted sometimes.