Feb 15 2013

Step-by-step visual guide for 3D printing for everyone.

Further developing my passion for and introducing the process of 3D printing to the world (It is the next generation of consumer products) I thought this was a great way to illustrate the process for both the public and the engineers involved in using it – consider it a visual guide to 3d printing. Over the next few weeks I will introduce a very simple keyring made using 3D printing to the David-Louis collection, this item has now been tried and tested and is ready for delivery to market.

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product



Thanks to ArvidJense for the great work producing the flow chart!

Mar 30 2012

David-Louis Showcase

Here are some elements of the David-Louis Tableware range on show at the recent Made in the Jewellery Quarter exhibition in the Jewellery Quarter. I will be uploading more pictures of the launch event on the Made in the Jewellery Quarter web site over the coming days. Check them out.

David-Louis Tableware & Gifts.

Feb 5 2012

The Lego Wickerman…


There are many things that make me a happy man, being a husband, a father, being a designer & business owner, the original Wickerman is my favorite film plus I love Lego Starwars.. hence this morning I was playing with my son & as the Lego wickerman began to take shape I got really into it, setting up a photoshoot as the wee man was told to go & play with his trains… Well I asked myself what sort of Daddy am I? .. A happy one?

Nov 28 2011

David-Louis.com app for android

This week I have been experimenting with developing apps for our businesses, here is our first android app for the David-Louis Designer Gents Gifts website, I hope you enjoy it.

Check out David-Louis Cool Giftware on the Android Market!

Feb 13 2011

We give a damn!

about great product design, about our customers and about new design entrepreneurs.

All in all watch this space for Brand Explosion, excellent customer service and all round we give a damn attitude.

We are working creatively, informatively plus, with the customer first and foremost in our mind we are having great results.



What a great time we have been having here at Gifts of Distinction and David-Louis. We have been managing to create growth in our business by raising our game. As our testimonials on the web sites show we have focused on exemplary customer service along side improving dispatch times on all the gift items we sell online.

Mentoring new Designers on TV.

Of late David has been dispensing sound advice to new designers at the School of Jewellery for the students on the Design for Industry course as well as giving a few talks on marketing and writing the perfect press release for new creative entrepreneurs at Design Space. This work was recognised recently and David-Louis has recently featured on ITV news as a mentor, over the coming months ITV will be revisiting David and talking with some of his mentees so keep an eye on our blog for links to the interviews.

Spring Fair 2011

Under the flaskstore and tankardstore banner we recently visited the Spring Fair 2011 and picked up many new suppliers and pressed the flesh with existing customers and suppliers, I was delighted when Alice made time to visit the existing suppliers I couldn’t find, I personally did four halls in four hours, met 20 people and swapped details with 10 new people. So quick and to the point visit this year, we are really lucky the NEC is beside us here in Birmingham.

Pulse 2011

Talking about trade fairs David-Louis.com is exhibiting at Pulse in June 2011 so we will be developing our brand, raising our profile and introducing new products over the next four months in preparation for the event.

New designers and new ideas

David-Louis also hope to work with Simon Pattison the new designer on the scene here in Birmingham and will be commissioning him to produce CAD drawings and turn our concepts into reality, we can see Simon is going somewhere in the design word but before he fly’s the coop and becomes a household name we will be supporting him here in Birmingham.

Finally David-Louis will be engaging a PR Company to focus on driving sales of the David-Louis Beer Cube, we are currently negotiating with Zombie Kitty and are excited about their ideas.

All in all watch this space for Brand Explosion, excellent customer service and all round we give a damn attitude. We are working creatively, informatively and with the customer first and foremost in our mind with great results.

Jun 24 2009

David-Louis Capturing Imagination – future product design.

David-Louis Capturing Imagination

Here at David-Louis.com we are introducing the next generation of two way consumer product design…..

Our vision is to capture your imagination by introducing lifestyle products that you can:

Modify the shape and appearence….

Decide via our web site the colouring of the products….

You will be able to cut lettering into the surface of each product you order…….

adding these features will create a product that is unique to you or the person you are buying it for.

We are currently developing a range of products that will allow you to innovate and create unique products…

Over the coming weeks and months we will put our ideas online – product ideas you can adjust and bend to your whim – you will enjoy creating the design and love the product even more when you recieve it.

If you are interested in this type of product please do one of the following, leave a comment here or join our mailing list.

We will keep you updated on our progress and will create a unique two way design process of the future.

Mar 3 2009

David Louis featured on Design Spotter

Just a quick note today to say a David-Louis product has been featured on Design Spotters daily blog – thanks to all at Design Spotter for the attention and I hope to feature a bit more on the site in the coming months.

The featured product is in the product section of their web site too

Design Spotters mission is to showcase innovative and quality design and we are delighted to be featured.

Feb 16 2009

David-Louis Chop Sticks in sterling silver.

Currently at David-Louis and our sister business Gifts of Distinction we are experiencing a surge in interest in our sterling silver products.

In particular are our sterling silver chop sticks, a product I have loved making and am delighted to see it is now in ascension.

Based on this surge of interest in sterling silver we are in the process of building on our sterling silver product range. Watch this space for each product launch over the coming weeks.

Each solid silver chop sticks is hallmarked with our Gifts of Distinction hallmark as is our exclusive chop stick holder that comes with each pair. I thought it worth emphasising that the chop sticks are 100 percent sterling silver, they are delicate and light enough to eat any meal with yet are 100% silver.

You can view and order our sterling silver chop sticks on our David-Louis site.

Jan 14 2009

David-Louis – New Packaging Design.

David-Louis Presentation Box

For 2009 we are launching our new range of David-Louis packaging.

I will be up loading the whole range of packaging to the David-Louis website in the coming week so though I would give you a glimpse of it here on the blog first – tell us what you think.

It is what we call ‘David-Louis’ blue and made from sustainable resources. Works like a match box, sliding open smoothly and elegantly to reveal a delicious coaster, bottle opener or salt shaker.

As ever I am looking forward to launching these, we tested them over the last month in our shop ‘The David-Louis Project’ @ Artfull Expression and they went down fantastically.

If you feel inclined please do post a comment.



Jan 8 2009

David Louis in Santa race 2008

Originally uploaded by giftsofdistinct


Pleased to say we all enjoyed the worlds only three legged santa race in the Jewellery Quarter a few weeks ago. Here is the starting line up. See if you can spot me, David-Louis or Glenn Campbell designer maker. Just wanted to say thank you to Glenn for being my running mate again this year.