Jun 23 2014

A guide to engraving your silver gift – emotional, funny, inspiring or down right insulting? It’s up to you.

Here are some creative gifts engraving suggestions for you.

As speicalists in personalising your silver and occasional gifts we would like to share our gift engraving experience with our clients and readers with a view to assisting you to be creative and thoughtful with the engraving and personalisation of your chosen silver gift, hip flask and tankard engravings.

The team here at  Gifts of Distinction, Flaskstore, Tankardstore and TheOnlineGiftsCompany are privvy to many emotional, funny, inspiring and down right insulting engravings. These engravings have, over the years, given my associates  Alice, Kate, Pippa and myself cause to laugh along out loud or wipe a tear from our eye and in some cases both. I, David-Louis, like to think of the engravings we are asked to do as a window to the world and lives of our clients, a simple snap shot giving us an insight into our customers life events and we would like to share these snap shots with you so you can be creative and thoughtful with your gift engravings.

We have been compiling this list of engraving suggestions for a long time now and it has dawned on me that I will never have it actually finished so here we are as the 1st Duke of Wellington once said- “Publish and be dammed”

We intend to build on this engraving resource so please do visit us again for further creative engraving ideas.

Here are some of the best engravings I have come across in recent years, I will add links to the items we have engraved it on as we go.

Book marks and romance, yes you can mix both and how about this beautiful engraving I recently put on our lovely silver bookmark:

With you until the very end.

or even this one:

‘A good book has no ending’

our round bookmark got this inscription this morning

Memories and friends become our story

Hip Flasks

To our eternal laughter

Handmade engraved tankards

There can’t be good living
where there is not good drinking.
Happy Birthday!

From the bride to be to the groom

Meet me at the church 1:30pm
Love me forever xxx

A guitar plectrum from the Bride to the Groom


A Great


Retirement gifts

Retired !

Goodbye tension, Hello pension !


Retirement only means

that it is time

for a new adventure.


Retirement Tankard

Cheers Dave
Enjoy a quiet drink and
remember your friends


You are my mountain

You are my sea.

Wedding Anniversasy

I sill do xxx

Silver Chip Fork

Love you more than chips!

Another turning point
a fork stuck in the road…..


I Pick You!

Travel & Latin

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” (or “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”) is Latin for “I shall The first part of the sentence, “inveniam viam”, “I shall find a way,”

To your brother

A brother shares childhood memories and grown-up dreams.

A friendly rude one !!!!!
Happy 21st
It’s all s***s and giggles,
until someone giggles and s***s

The Big Birthdays:

On a silver chip fork -

Louis – On Your 18th Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional!

Forty years young


Forty isn’t old,

If you’re a tree……


Weddings and the wedding party.

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.

The liver is evil and must be punished.

There’s nothing wrong with sobriety in moderation.

Any man who eats dessert is not drinking enough.

Never cry over spilt milk. It could’ve been whiskey.

Best Man

Best man for a day
Best Friend for life
Thank you
Best man – on the plectrum
We pick you as our best man xx
Thank you
For being a great
Usher & friend
Romantic message from a woman in Jamica to her husband in Birmingham on the Jigsaw Keyring
You are my missing piece -
Found 16-08-12
New Kitchen built?
Xen bottle opener – on the table ready to use.
Enjoy your new kitchen!
x x x
Carpe Diem
Latin on our silver bottle opener

Numquam Diem Sitiens  / never dies thirsty
We hope you enjoy our engraving ideas and if you need anything just visit our sites and get in touch.

Oct 11 2013

Pop Quiz – Superstars…and hip flasks


What do McFLy member, Dougie Poynter, One Directions Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and super model Cara Delavingne have in common?

Besides all being pals they were all present at the launch of McFly’s Dougie Poynters new fashion label ‘Saint Kidd’ sporting gifts and hip flasks made by theonlinegiftscompany.com and flaskstore.com

We hope they all has a ball at the launch and please do let us know if you see them sporting a chic and cool hip flask any time.

McFly launch new clothing brand and uses flaskstore hip flasks
















Feb 15 2013

Palladium Wedding celebrations

Celebrating our 15th year working as a design and personalisation company in true entrepreneurial form The Online Gifts Company are delighted to announce our new specialist business.

We make, personalise using hand engraving your wedding ring in the beautiful metal Palladium all of which can be ordered online at Palladiumweddingringstore.com

We hope you enjoy it, live it and wear it just as much as we do.

Sep 19 2012

Gifts of Distinction – Bringing the Jewellery Quarter to your door.


Gifts of Distinction

Gifts of Distinction do exactly what it says on the tin, design, make and supply personalised sterling silver gifts and corporate awards, including this year’s prestigious Birmingham Post Business Awards, to both local and international customers.

Says owner David Louis Hendley “We hand make, engrave and ship beautiful sterling silver gifts to local people via our web site www.gifts-of-distinction.co.uk”. David is fond of saying “We bring the Jewellery Quarter to your door”.

Every gent’s gift item, from quirky chip forks made in sterling silver to silver Marmite lids and back to sterling silver pens and cufflinks plus the corporate awards on Gifts of Distinctions web site are hand made in the jewellery quarter by locally based silversmiths. They are all available online; each item can be engraved for a nominal charge too.

“We specialise in hand making, engraving and delivering prestigious sterling silver gifts and awards to our customers, online and on time” says David proudly.

Jun 14 2012

Made in the Jewellery Quarter design EXPO launch.


Made in the Jewellery Quarter group are launching another showcase at the IDEA Birmingham show in The Mail Box, Birmingham. Please do visit level 5 to see exquisite and exclusive products and jewellery made in Birmingham.

Mar 26 2012

Clink, clink fizzzz – your beer is open…

…compliments of our new brand….

Bottle Opener Store

The Truth is out…here..

Yes – we love cool stuff, yes we love a few beers, yes we love great product design and as every designer knows you have to cut your design teeth by making a few bottle openers… this is defacto – factomundo…. and most definitlely true etc and we can prove it with this vast collection of cool, stylish, sleek, multi functional bottle openers.

Choice bottle openers.

We have hand picked some of our own in house bottle opener designs in bottleopenerstore.net plus we have introduced to date thirty more bottle openers on top of our own bottle openers and we are definitely on the hunt for more – loads more in fact. Here is a brief selection of some of the great design led bottle openers we provide -

1: The cool key tool bottle opener

The ultimate in design the Key Tool Bottle Opener

The KeyTool bottle opener from BottleOpenerStore.net

2) Beer Kit Bottle Opener by Jakob Wagner

The Beer Kit Bottle Opener from BottleOpenerStore.net







3) Peter Holmbland Cylinda Bottle Opener

Cylinda Bottle Opener

Cylinda Bottle Opener from BottleOpenerStore.net








So get on down (over!!) to bottle opener store and check out the goods – ‘Your bottle cap will come off’ (Jumps in pool)….




Morrie\’s wigs… the opposite to beer bottle caps..

Feb 22 2012

Gifts of Distinction – Bespoke Corporate Lapel Pins

Gifts of Distinction specialise in production of lapel pins and corporate badges in precious metal including sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18 ct gold, 22ct gold and platinum.

We make high quality UK manufactured hand made lapel pins.

The features that make our lapel pins high quality are the polished edges, excellent soldering of the well made component parts, hand finished, in gold, silver, silver plate or any material you wish.

All our precious metal goods are Made in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham using Die making, stamping, etching, casting, hand polishing and enameling. Any shape can be made to order.

For further details visit our web site Gifts of Distinction or call us on 0121 233 4757.


Feb 5 2012

The Lego Wickerman…


There are many things that make me a happy man, being a husband, a father, being a designer & business owner, the original Wickerman is my favorite film plus I love Lego Starwars.. hence this morning I was playing with my son & as the Lego wickerman began to take shape I got really into it, setting up a photoshoot as the wee man was told to go & play with his trains… Well I asked myself what sort of Daddy am I? .. A happy one?

Feb 1 2012

Made in the Jewellery Quarter Exhibition – Feb 4th to Feb 29th.

Well here we all are on the cusp of the Great Exhibition Feb’ 12. As a team we have all been working hard on the launch event and between us it is coming together, granted I will be spending the next few days assembling stock for it but we are nearly there, I am also in two minds as to how to display the David-Louis product, I have always wanted to go for a science feel with test tubes and jars and suchlike but I think I will have to reign that in this time, I will definitly upload some pics to the blog and on twitter once the event is launched.

I wanted to emphasise we are a collaborative group of Jewellery Quarter based companies and are holding a month long show of our combined work for the month of February.

The goal of ‘ Made in the Jewellery Quarter’ is to let the people of Birmingham and the wider region know what is made on their doorstep,
plus give them the opportunity to buy a piece of craftsmanship and a contemporary product from artisans, designers and most importantly locally based businesses.


All four companies in “Made in the Jewellery Quarter” are renowned for the quality of their design capabilities and their contribution to the Birmingham product brand and are aiming to help each other’s businesses to succeed together.

Exhibitors include

LJ Millington I David-Louis I Alabaster & Wilson I Capricorn Coating

Jan 11 2012

Entrepreneurship in the creative sector

Well, I am coming up to the end of lecturing at BCU School of Jewellery for this academic year and have been creating a summary of the content for the students to discuss tomorrow and lo and behold when put in order it appears to me to be a useful guide to starting up a new business in the creative sector.

Although I have many projects on the go at the moment including launching a  new brand plus developing my MA project alongside the running of the businesses and oh yeah I am organising an exhibition called “Made in the Jewellery Quarter” for Feb 2012… next month please do come along, anyway, I do think there is the makings of a good start your own business book there so perhaps in the future I will be able to apply myself to this.

Here is the basic content of the course I have developed if you have need of a lecturer or two in any of these areas in the creative sector just give me a call.

Course Overview

Entrepreneurship in the creative sector.

David Hendley (c)

Course Goals

To develop the skills you need to succeed in the current working climate.

To assist with developing an online portfolio.

To assist with developing your vision and create a clear next step when you graduate.

Course Overview

Puropse of a career / business plan

Create a mission statement

Outline of a basic career / business plan

Establish your personal vision

SWOT analysis of your core skills or idea.

Researching & developing your own logo and brand.

Market research -types of, how to & practical.

Freelance employment – rates & marketing

Costing your work professionally

Overheads of a studio

Distribution of your products strategically

Legal structures of a business

Marketing using press releases

Developing your online strategy

Basic web design and architecture

Building an online portfolio

Harnessing social networks


of course I will keep developing the course so get in touch if you wish.

David Hendley.

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