Nov 24 2013

Wrapping party.. Try again


Great news we have just made a lovely gift for established star and funny man from Mock the Week, Chris Addison, he is filming a new sit com for Sky Living called “Trying Again.”

We hope every one involved breaks a leg. We also know this wrap party was on Friday 22nd Nov. 2013 so we promised not to publish this post until after the event.


Oct 11 2013

Pop Quiz – Superstars…and hip flasks


What do McFLy member, Dougie Poynter, One Directions Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and super model Cara Delavingne have in common?

Besides all being pals they were all present at the launch of McFly’s Dougie Poynters new fashion label ‘Saint Kidd’ sporting gifts and hip flasks made by and

We hope they all has a ball at the launch and please do let us know if you see them sporting a chic and cool hip flask any time.

McFly launch new clothing brand and uses flaskstore hip flasks
















Oct 8 2013

Cut, Cut Cut… it’s a wrap…

In recent days we have been working on a few goodies for one or two of the crew for a new movie by Marvel Comics, the name of the movie seems to be under wraps but its working title is ‘Full Tilt’ … we don’t expect to see them on the big screen this time though… it’s animated.Online gifts store and flaskstore collaborate for gifts for movie crew.

Thanks to the team there for the order though.

Jun 3 2013

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Tankards

This week we have been finishing off the Tankards for Jamie Oliver’s new branch of his Fifteen restaurant and boy have we learned a lot about commercial beer tankards… and quickly.

Many thanks to the restaurant for commissioning the goods from us plus if other restaurants or bars are looking for tankards to sell beer over the counter Gifts of Distinction and tankardstore can offer Excise Verification Mark service to legally say you are as a commercial restaurant or bar selling a legal pint and the consumer is buying a legal pint of English beer.

Weights and measures mark for 1 pint tankard Tankardstore

Weights and measures mark for 1 pint tankard Tankardstore

If your commercial restaurant or bar needs tankards that are verified for the purpose of trading standards and excise just give us a call here to discuss you requirements.

May 29 2013

Fame & fortune… TV roles for theonlinegiftscompany

We are now supplying some props for Him & Her on BBC 3, at this stage we are unable to say what the goods are as the story line involves the props:

TheOnlineGiftsCompany supply TV and Film

TheOnlineGiftsCompany supply TV and Film









Plus we are also working on a new production at Pinewood studios – which I can reveal the name of but that is it for now:

POSH – Laura Wades critically acclaimed play

We are very pleased to announce we are working with the X Factor this week and making and engraving some very special gifts items, which of course we cannot reveal yet, for all the lovely judges on The X Factor. They will feature in the show so if you spot our gifts please do let us know via our facebook group. Here is a run down of the TV shows and Movies we have been involved in.



Thanks to everyone who spotted our hip flask in Eastenders

Peggy 'avin a nip....

flaskstore and theonlinescompany present TV props

flaskstore and theonlinescompany present TV props

flaskstore and theonlinescompany present TV props








and our silver alphabet keyring that features in Made in Chelsea

we did supply some props for prometheus but these have not been spotted as yet, maybe they hit the proverbial cutting room floor… you can never tell :-)

We do hope that theonlinegiftscompany can get involved in providing more props for film and TV and ask that you get in touch if you need something for your show.

Apr 11 2013

Silver feet photo frame.

Here are a few lovely images of our new photo frame featuring new arrival baby feet. The frame is sterling silver and can be engrave with date of birth, name or date of the christening and is available on our Gifts of Distinction web site in the Christening Gifts section


Feb 15 2013

Palladium Wedding celebrations

Celebrating our 15th year working as a design and personalisation company in true entrepreneurial form The Online Gifts Company are delighted to announce our new specialist business.

We make, personalise using hand engraving your wedding ring in the beautiful metal Palladium all of which can be ordered online at

We hope you enjoy it, live it and wear it just as much as we do.

Feb 15 2013

Step-by-step visual guide for 3D printing for everyone.

Further developing my passion for and introducing the process of 3D printing to the world (It is the next generation of consumer products) I thought this was a great way to illustrate the process for both the public and the engineers involved in using it – consider it a visual guide to 3d printing. Over the next few weeks I will introduce a very simple keyring made using 3D printing to the David-Louis collection, this item has now been tried and tested and is ready for delivery to market.

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product

Flow sheet of idea to 3d product



Thanks to ArvidJense for the great work producing the flow chart!

Feb 8 2013

#2 Secret diary of an engraver…

So we are coming to the end of another busy week and I am continuing on with our current theme of lovely engravings we work on.

My favourite engraving of this week was for a fantastic silver gift item on our Gifts of Distinction web site, the gentleman in question was retiring from what was a long career in a local business and we engraved the most excellent retirement greeting I have come across yet:


Retired !

Goodbye tension, Hello pension !

Yet again, we smiled and according to our facebook page, danced a lot this week.

Have a lovely weekend, David.



Jan 22 2013

The secret diary of an engraver

I have been spurred into writing this by the fantastic tales that slip un-noticed through my finger tips and onto metal with my trusty engraving machine as a tool, over many years I have engraved thousands of gift items and each message tells a tale, some are sad and some are delightful, as the engraver all I get is the snap shot of the event, the rest is up to my imagination….

Our gifts have been used for every conceivable event from birth to death and beyond…………

The spur of at last publishing these tales of simple engravings that tell of life’s journey happened a moment ago – In script font I have engraved on the back of a gift item….

I love you, will you marry me. x

Now who wouldn’t like to receive that beautiful gift.